Guest Blog: Miya X Princeton

I’ve always loved the idea of a downtown area in a small city or town. 

When we were considering moving from our old neighborhood, the first thing we checked out were the downtown areas around New Jersey.  What we loved about Princeton were the greenness, the wonderful architecture of the buildings, and the variety of  charming shops.  It felt like a department store without the “mall feel” of it all.  It is a friendly neighborhood department square.

Our Instagram and Facebook posts usually revolve around our own shop, but I wanted to show Miya Table & Home’s love for all the shops/restaurants/businesses in Princeton!  And I enjoy the idea of shoppers coming to town, visiting a handful of shops and finding their own perfect unique gift for someone or for themselves.

I think we can all agree that we can pretty much buy anything anywhere these days but it’s nice to give a gift with some thought.  Even if it is for yourself.  Pairing one of our shallow bowls with Thomas Sweet chocolates? That’s a great gift!

Buying beautiful cool frames at Morgenthal Frederics?  Get one of our special rectangular plates to give the frames their own special place in your bathroom, closet or bedside table. 

Love getting coffee at Rojo’s ? Bring your favorite mug and take your time enjoying your latte in the cafe or on the grass.  We are so over disposable cups anyway!

That is the idea behind our Social Media series, #MiyaXPrinceton – named so by my Social Media Director, who also happens to be our 15 year old daughter.

Additionally, we love talking to all our neighborhood business friends!  It has given us a chance to stop by, say hello, and let them know that we want them to succeed as much as we want to succeed!  So we tag their account and their location.  It has been a lot of fun!

We’re still working on these all summer so if you’ve missed any of our posts, browse our account or view our Instagram Story Highlights called Miya X Princeton.  Or search #miyaxprinceton on Instagram or Facebook.

If you want to see any other businesses featured with us, let us know!  I’ll be posting some of our past posts on our blog as well in case you don’t have Instagram or Facebook!


About The Author:
Heidi Moon, Director of Sales & Marketing opened Miya Table & Home in 2018 as the flagship store of Miya Inc, a third generation importing business run by her husband, Bob Matsukawa.  Heidi & Bob live in Princeton with their daughters and love being part of the community.


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