Rojo’s Roastery

Rojo’s Roastery


Monday – Friday: 7am-6pm
Saturday – Sunday: 8am-6pm

Address 33 Palmer Square West, Princeton, NJ

Phone 609.924.7600


About Us:

A small-batch artisan coffee roaster procuring the finest specialty Arabica coffee beans and whole leaf teas available anywhere in the world. Rojo’s carries a complete selection of high quality espresso, coffee, and tea brewing equipment.

Our Story

Rojo’s Roastery is a small-batch, artisan coffee roaster located in Lambertville NJ (roastery/cafe) established in 2005, and Princeton NJ (cafe) established in 2012. We are devoted to developing direct relationships with independent producers and the communities in which they live. We travel the globe, searching for farmers whose crops are often too small to grab the attention of the conventional coffee trade. With this practice, not only do we responsibly procure the finest Arabica beans for our customers, we also help sustain the farmers and the communities in which they live. The bean selection process begins in our lab in Lambertville. We subject green, unroasted coffee to an in-depth series of tests measuring bean quality, consistency and potential. Then we meticulously roast and cup every sample that shows promise. When we find a bean we like, we explore its roast latitude with additional cupping and tasting, determining the optimum roast that presents each bean at its best.

Our outstanding selection of sustainably grown coffees and teas is complemented by our comprehensive inventory of the best brewing equipment. If you are searching for an improved way to brew your morning cup, feel free to call, write, or drop in any time for our expert advice. At Rojo’s, everyone can find the serious beans and brewing equipment they need for the seriously good cup of coffee they deserve.

(pictured: Employee, Tai Jeffers)

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