Pure Barre Princeton Introduces Resistance-Based Training With Pure Reform

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New total body workout rounds out current class offering for full cross-training benefits

(PRINCETON, NJ) SEPTEMBER 10TH – Pure Barre PRINCETON (WWW.PUREBARRE.COM/NJ-PRINCETON) is excited to announce a new class offering called Pure Reform that targets, shapes and defines all major muscle groups through resistance-based training. Complementing Pure Barre’s Classic and Empower classes, Pure Reform will allow clients to engage in a well-rounded exercise regimen at the PRINCETON studio.

Pure Reform will offer a unique blend of strength, sculpting and balance training in just 50 minutes, merging Pure Barre Classic positioning and movements with resistance bands and slides to burn more calories, increase muscular strength and improve balance and coordination. The class will focus on alignment and intentional movement, with a musically-driven, energetic and fun emphasis.

“We are excited to launch Pure Reform to our two current offerings Pure Barre classic and Pure Empower and complete our in-studio cross training for our clients” said Jacqui Arce-Quinton, owner of Pure Barre Princeton.

Pure Reform will serve as a resistance-based workout to complement the traditional Pure Barre Classic and cardio-respiratory Pure Empower. The combination of the three classes will allow clients to safely and efficiently meet or exceed exercise goals, and to realize the psychological and physiological benefits of an effectively varied workout routine. Clients are encouraged to use a consistent mix of Pure Barre’s workouts for the best cross-training results, including improving overall fitness, better exercise adherence and reduced risk of injury. Key distinctions of each workout include:

  • Pure Barre Classic: low impact, high intensity method featuring isometric movements
  • Pure Empower: fusion of barre and cardio-interval training featuring larger, more dynamic movements
  • Pure Reform: merges Classic positioning with dynamic, resistance-based strength training

Pure Reform will be available at Pure Barre PRINCETON beginning this week. For more information on Pure Reform and scheduling, please visit WWW.PUREBARRE.COM/NJ-PRINCETON.

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