PSq Q&A: Jacqui Arce-Quinton, Pure Barre

Despite what you might think, Pure Barre is no dance class. 

Rather, this intense and effective workout challenges you physically and mentally. With upbeat music and extremely personable and energetic instructors, it’s also the most fun you will have while getting into killer shape! Their motto, “Lift. Tone. Burn.” (LTB), comes to life as you embark on a 55-minute full-body workout which pushes every muscle to exhaustion causing the ones you’re working to “shake.”  After shaking, it’s time to stretch out to elongate your muscles to get that toned, lean physique that your family and friends are sure to notice.  We couldn’t be more thrilled that Jacqui Arce-Quinton decided to bring this unique workout experience to Palmer Square!  Already an avid Pure Barre fan, opening up her own studio this past March was a dream come true and she hasn’t looked back since.


Q:  You were a Pure Barre student for a long time. What made you finally decide to open up your own studio?

As I spent more and more time in Princeton (my husband is from here and works in the area), I fell in love with this beautiful town. The only thing Princeton was missing, in my opinion, was a Pure Barre studio.  I have loved Pure Barre for years and had been taking classes since 2011.  I always loved helping people, and after seeing the impact this great workout had on the women who took class at my old studio, I decided to bring the workout I love, to the town I love…and it’s a perfect fit on Palmer Square.


Q: Which section of class do you still find most difficult?

They all are so challenging, but I would have to say thigh work. No matter how much I improve at all the different thigh exercises, it only seems to push me harder, and it is never long before I begin to shake.


Q: We know you are a huge Bent Spoon fan…what’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

I’m going to cheat because my favorite flavor is really a combo, which is cortado (a flavor named after the strong, espresso drink) and sour cream coffee cake.  

(Clockwise from top left:) Jacqui powering through the thigh section of class; Always working on new ideas; The cute Pure Barre retail always flies off the shelves; Believe it or not, that little red ball is very important when it comes to a full Pure Barre workout; Pure Barre essentials, especially the sticky socks.

Q: What is some advice for anyone thinking about trying Pure Barre for the first time?

I give the same advice to everyone trying Pure Barre for the first time and that is to have fun and do what you can. No one is ever perfect at Pure Barre, it’s always challenging, and you can always push yourself more to get better with each class.


Q: Favorite Pure Barre term and what does it mean?

Pulse – a one inch move down and then up that burns out whatever muscle you are working.  It usually comes at the end of a sprint and challenges you to hang on for the final 10!


Q: What are you most likely doing when you’re not in the studio?

Besides working in Palmer Square, I also live in town, so when I’m not in the studio there’s a good chance I’m either getting coffee, grabbing happy hour with friends, or out to eat. If you can’t tell from this answer and the Bent Spoon answer, I love to eat. I also love to clean, which is my way of unwinding.


Q: Describe your dream vacation.

Being a New Jersey native, I have been going to the beach for as long as I can remember and I still love it. For me, it is that most relaxing thing in the world. A dream vacation for me would involve a week (or two) at a house within walking distance to the beach. It would involve a lot of time on the sand, naps, and seafood. It might even involve some surfing—I am still very much a beginner, but I have been taking some lessons the last few summers and absolutely love it.

To learn more about Pure Barre Princeton, visit their website.


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