Polly’s Pitch – Just Me, January

girl crossing street

Polly here! They say things slow down in January, after the holidays, but that hasn’t been my experience. Things have been busy, busy, busy–but for every moment of craziness I’ve…

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Spring = Reunion Season!

Ahhh, spring… the flowering trees around town give way to lush green leaves, the chess tables on the Palmer Square Green host lunch breakers soaking up some rays, all of…

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Mama’s List!

Hey mama! What do you want for Mother’s Day? If you’re like me, you don’t have a list, per se, but you know what’s been catching your eye as you’ve…

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Break into Spring!

Spring Break! You don’t have to be a kid (or a co-ed) to get excited for Spring Break. It’s the high point after a long, dull winter. A brief, sun-soaked…

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Valentine’s Day

Chocolates in heart shaped boxes

Oh, Valentine’s Day…. it can get a little predictable, can’t it? Though we’ll never say no to a big old box of chocolate and a thoughtful card, sometimes it’s fun…

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