Top 10 Tips To Beat The Winter Blues

Welcome to January where the weather is colder, the days are shorter and the only thing you feel like doing is cozying up in bed with a good movie and warm baguette.

Diving head first into hibernation mode becomes somewhat of a pattern this time of year and let’s face it, this weather is doing nothing for your skin or your stress levels!

This New Year at Palmer Square our resolution is all about getting YOU physically and mentally back on track.

To reclaim your mind, body and soul this season check out our top 10 tips for helping you bury those Winter Blues right in the snow!


1. Winter-Cleaning

Turn the term “Spring-cleaning” on its head. Instead of sifting through mountains of garage junk during April and May, get a jump on it now! Spend your day gathering up those clothes you’ve been meaning to donate, decluttering your closet, scheduling annual doctor visits or finally dusting that corner you’ve been so cleverly avoiding. Gain some peace of mind during this hectic time and get ahead of the organization curve. Spring-you will thank Winter-you when April rolls around.

2. Break A Sweat

A must for combatting that sluggish feeling! Sure, half the battle is getting up off your couch, but once you make it out the door, the rest is history. The effects of a good workout can last for several hours, which in turn gives you more energy, elevates your metabolism and releases “happy endorphins” (like serotonin) that improve your mood. Transform your body and mind while performing the dynamic movements only found at Palmer Square’s, Pure Barre. If you’re a new client you can pirouette your way right out of that seasonal rut with 4 weeks of unlimited classes for $99!

women working out along the ballet barre

3. Light Up Your Life

The lack of Vitamin D can be throwing you off tremendously. In these seemingly dark months it is important to steal as much sun time as possible. If you can, brave the cold to get at least 15 minutes of natural light on your face and chest each day. For the not so brave, keep your shades up during peak hours and try to sit near windows at work or in restaurants. Other great alternatives: taking Vitamin D supplements and filling your lights with full spectrum bulbs!

4. Get Up & Get Out

Don’t let yourself get stuck in that same old work-home-couch routine. It’s healthy for the soul to break away from the mundane, so start by planning an enjoyable outing with family and friends. Gather a band of your closest clique and learn how to whip up professional cocktails during an exclusive Mixology class. Want to get the whole family involved? Plan a picturesque evening of seasonal fun! Either way your winter slump won’t stand a chance against all the fabulous events Palmer Square has coming up!

mojito and sangria cocktails from the Yankee Doodle Tap Room

5Eat Food That Livens Your Mood

Let’s all agree not to talk about all the holiday food we indulged in over the last two months, okay? Deal. To get your brain and body back on the health train try refraining from processed foods and load up on nutrient rich seasonal foods to keep your mood, energy and immune system in tip top shape. Incorporate beets, brussels sprouts, kale, grapefruit, squash or eggplant into your soups and stews. They will not only warm your tummy, but warm your soul!

6. Relax! Seriously.

You’re busy and you love it. No harm in that! But don’t pretend you’re immune to having “one of those days.” Your mental and physical health have to be a priority, especially during this time of 5pm sunsets and perpetually frozen toes. This Winter make it a goal of yours to always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive! Alleviate your stress and keep those unbearable blues at bay. Do absolutely nothing, sleep in on the weekend, go to bed early, take a complimentary yoga class, meditate, learn how art can bring about feelings of tranquility! The world is your (slightly frozen) oyster.

7. Swap Your Space Around

If you’ve grown tired of the décor in your house, but don’t feel like breaking the bank, Feng Shiu away! You don’t have to go knocking down walls or redoing your kitchens, but rather expand your vision and gain some new perspective. After all, it is a new year. Try implementing a few simple changes here and there to give your space that fresh, harmonious feeling again!L-shaped beige couch surrounding black coffee table

8. Treat Yourself!

You deserve it. No more neglecting YOU. No more excuses! Get pampered. Go on a shopping spree. Make time for YOU! Simple as that. Rediscover your fabulously, glowing skin, get a jump on all the upcoming Spring fashions, find the perfect Valentine’s ensemble, finally get properly fitted. Don’t worry. There’s no such thing as spenders guilt when you’re reaping all the benefits.

9. Pick A New ‘Something’

Dive into some art! Binge watch a new show (or two, or ten). Maybe take a break from all the screens and get invested in a new book that gives you a sense of purpose, be open to music that fits your mood and plan to see your favorite band live! Look up a comical podcast that’ll make those chilly car rides go along much smoother. Find a new hobby and allow yourself to become inspired.

10. Learn Acceptance

Getting back into your everyday routine after the holiday mayhem can cause you to feel deflated. Remember that almost everyone you know is going through the same thing, so don’t be so hard on yourself. The first step is accepting how you feel, the second is realizing you need to make a change. Northing happens over night, but starting with something small can make all the difference. Just know that when you do Palmer Square will be there to help you become less blue!

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