Princeton’s Chez Alice Thrives During The Pandemic

The patisserie in Palmer Square said they saw business increase amid pandemic as more people craved sweet treats.

PRINCETON, NJ — Over the past year America has been pandemic baking to keep busy during the lockdown. But Princetonians craved delicacies from Chez Alice, the little patisserie in Palmer Square.

In fact, Princetonians ordered so much from Chez Alice that the patisserie saw their business grow during the pandemic.

“Almost all of our businesses is people coming in, grabbing stuff and leaving,” said Eben Copple, Director of Hospitality, Genesis Hospitality Group, Chez Alice’s parent company.

“What we’re seeing now is people buying often – little cakes for their homes, individual desserts, or macaroons. So, I think we are in the minority, but our business actually increased during the pandemic,” said Copple.

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