Polly’s Pitch – Picnic Season

Happy summer, friends! Polly here, and I can’t believe how quickly this season is already flying by in Princeton.

It feels like just last week I was embracing a little sunshine and appreciating the earliest spring buds on the trees in Tiger Park. But here we are, moving rapidly towards August, and I find myself holding on for dear life! What better way to savor these fleeting moments of summer than to eat, drink, shop, and soak up that Vitamin D in Princeton? Hope you’re thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’? It’s time for a Palmer Square Picnic!

Let a Princeton-Picnic-Professional give you some pointers. First thing’s first: gather the essentials. An adorable, but durable carrier for your snacks is a must! Kitchen Kapers has the perfect insulated tote or classic country basket that will keep both your food and drink fresh on a sunny afternoon. Next stop, Homestead. Browse their eclectic mix of blankets and throws, even some lovely cloth dish towels from Catstudio for a fun touch. Trust me, I’ve gifted these geographically illustrated towel-napkins to just about everyone, they never disappoint. Another option for a funky throw is the selection at Urban Outfitters on Nassau Street. Their wall tapestries are excellent to use when you stake out your place on the green.

*Insider tip: If you really want to take your summer picnic game to another level check out Miya Table & Home’s assortment of plate sets and utensils! Stylish and practical.

Basket, check! Blanket, check! Only thing left is to fill ‘er up! Thank goodness I never have to look far. My go-to places for fresh sandwiches, wraps, and salads are Chez Alice, Princeton Soup & Sandwich. And when i’m looking for a meal simpler in size, but just as big in flavor i’ll head on over to Olsson’s Fine Foods for their delectable cheeseboard. It’s just the right size for two!

And for the cherry on top of a perfect picnic lunch: dessert! If you’ve got a hankering sweet tooth like me, then a cupcake (or two) from the bent spoon or a milkshake from Halo Pub should do just the trick. I just can’t promise mine ever make it to the green ;) To your willpower I say, best of luck!

And with that final touch, you’ve got yourself a prime outing in Palmer Square. Make a day or evening out of it, check out the upcoming events calendar: picnic before family movie on the lawn, during Dueling Piano nights, or for a Saturday summer music concert.

See you out there, Princeton picnic-ers!

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