Book Signing at Cranbury Station Gallery – Sunday, June 3rd

Sunday, June 3rd in Cranbury Station Gallery

10 Hulfish Street, Princeton, NJ

over40lost30 book cover


About: EP Bell is incurably positive and is determined to awaken curiosity in others by illuminating potential and possibility in imperfect situations.

The 30 stories of loss journeys reveal a methodology that will help you to create a personal plan to release you from being “stuck” after experiencing adversity.

Bell provides tools to inspire you to consider new options to challenge self imposed limitations that  can derail you.

The stories will encourage you to rise up and get energized so that you too can grow more, create more and achieve more by embracing your personal Loss-to-Growth cycles to welcome what lies beyond.

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Location: 10 Hulfish Street

Time: 2pm – 4pm

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