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Let’s Celebrate with a Carnevale – Inspired Swiss Cheese

 Did we have you at Cheese?!

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Rudy, The Cheese Man, owns and operates Olsson’s Fine Food in our beautiful historic downtown. When you walk into Olsson’s you are surrounded by fine gourmet imports from around the world. The knowledgeable staff will help you create delicious masterpieces for your next gathering or your low-key Friday night. Stop by and sample hand-selected cheeses and let Rudy and his staff explain how to perfectly pair each cheese with the right cured meat, pickled item, and cracker accompaniment.

What Does Olsson’s Offer?

Olsson’s provides catering services, custom cheese platters for any size gathering, amazing lunches, Cheese boxes to-go (which are perfect to enjoy on The Green), plus interactive cheese classes.

What’s not to love?

Read on to see Rudy’s latest blog post about an Alpine cheese that has stolen his heart and will delight your flavor buds for the up-coming Carnevale season!


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Posted by The Cheese Man – Olsson’s Fine Food on 2nd Mar 2023

“As all of you know, we are big fans of Alpine-style cheeses. And although Olsson’s have carried cheeses like Gruyere and Comte almost from day one, some 35 years ago now, our love for the cheeses from the Alps started really with one cheese: Red Witch. When Olsson’s was still in the Trenton Farmers Market Rudie saw a picture of the cheese in one of the flyers sent out by cheese distributor Cheeseworks (who were taken over years ago by Cheesewarehouse, who in turn were renamed to World’s Best Cheeses).”

“According to Caroline Holstettler, the importer of this cheese in the US, Red Witch was conceived in a conversation over a meal at the Bern main railway station between a cheese fan, Mrs. Zuehlke, and Christian. She thought that there was a gap in the Swiss cheese market for a party cheese that would go well with beer and wine at the time of Fasnacht (Carnevale), a three-day festival during lent. They hashed out what the characteristics of such a cheese should be and Christian went off to develop the recipe for the cheese. To link the Halloween-for-adults-type festival to the cheese, the red witch on the broomstick became part of the label and the cheese production included a paprika brine-wash which turns the rind red. The first Red Witches flew out from Kaeserie Oberli in 2008.”

For the full blog article and to learn more about this Carnevale-inspired party cheese please visit Olsson’s Fine Food Blog